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Welcome to Anderson Power Consulting

Catherine Anderson: service improvement consultant

Catherine is a service improvement consultant helping public & third sector organisations improve value for money & increase customer satisfaction

Catherine Anderson: Helping you deliver better services

Are you:

  • A manager in the public or third sector or in an associated private business?
  • Responsible for accommodation, catering, facilities management or other business services?
  • Under pressure to deliver better value for money and higher customer satisfaction?

Then I can work with you to identify and implement ways to increase efficiencies and improve service quality.

I can help you:

Review existing services

  • I’ll look at what’s happening on the ground. How well is the service working? Does theory match practice?Are you getting good value for money?

Identify your vision

  • What do you want your service to achieve? Without a clear vision, it’s impossible to plan for or deliver effective and lasting change.

Explore restructuring options

  • Do you know exactly what problem you’re trying to solve? Restructuring may not be the answer. If it is, then what are the options - and how might each work for you?

Make informed decisions about whether to manage services in-house or to contract out

  • What’s best in each situation depends on a huge range of factors. That means it’s important to understand the full implications of any decision.

Put forward a business case for new initiatives.

  • It’s vital to focus on outcomes rather than activities. What will success look like? Contracts that are too prescriptive about the ‘how’ restrict opportunities for innovation.

Get outsourced services up and running successfully

  • What’s needed for a smooth handover? How do you work effectively with people whose loyalties are to an outside organisation –and keep them focused on what matters to you?

Restructure in-house services

  • A rigorous approach is critical if you are to make in-house services meet performance goals.

Bring outsourced services back in-house

  • Resurrecting old systems and processes won’t be good enough – even if anyone remembers what they were.

Manage staff effectively through change

  • How do you bring people with you and make changes stick?

Set up new commercial activities, and make changes to existing ones

  • Tasked with maximising income and keeping customers happy? I’ll work with you to develop business models and engage with the public.

Develop strategies

  • A changing internal or external environment can mean strategies are no longer fit for purpose. Let me give you a fresh perspective.

As an experienced outsider, I can see the situation from all angles. Bring me in to support you and your team, and together we'll find the best way forward for your organisation.

I’ll then stay around for as long as you want me, to help you put the new ideas into practice.

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